Disney Gravity Falls, Six Strange Tales DVD Review

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Disney Gravity Falls Six Strange Tales Dvd

Disney Gravity Falls, Six Strange Tales

  • DVD Release Date: October 15, 2013
  • Rated: NR (Not Rated)
  • Run Time: 129 minutes
  • Number of discs: 1
  • ASIN: B00EAHX876

When my own four were still home, we relied on Disney movies, its television channel, and its DVS’s for good wholesome family entertainment. Now one generation later the tradition continues. When our grandchildren are here, we still rely on Disney except there is more Disney available in movies, DTV programming, and DVD releases.

Recently I was sent Disney Gravity Falls, Six Strange Tales. Describe Gravity Falls as nostalgic adventures with outlandish, quirky characterization. Add solid voice overs and twisted humor to clever, witty, gentle quality plots. The resulting animated fun keeps its audience involved, watching, thinking, guessing….

Brief plot summary:
Twelve year old twins Dipper and Mabel Pines are visiting Great Uncle “Grunkle” in small town Gravity Falls. It’s a lifestyle change full of secrets and intrigue. Their discovery of a mysterious journal, at Grunkle’s tourist trap Mystery Shack involves them and friends Wendy, Soos, and Stan in strange, spooky things.

Featured episodes include:
Tourist Trapped–Mabel discovers her weird new boyfriend Norman who Dipper thinks is a zombie is really a gnome. Norman captures Mabel and Dipper. When he demands she kiss him and marry her, she tricks him with the help of a leaf blower then she and her twin return home.

The Legend of the Gobblewonker–Its another typical day filled with Wacky News, syrup bottle races, monster photo contests, and fishing at Lake Gravity Falls. The twins cite the Gobblewonker, a legendary sea monster and discover it is a robot built for revenge. What is beneath the lake is another tale.

Headhunters–Duck-tective, a hidden door, and forgotten wax museum involve Mabel and Dipper in a crime and a hilarious visit to Skull Fracture biker joint. Who melted Abraham Lincoln? Who beheaded Grunkle’s wax figure? The pair first accuse Manly Dan then Shandra Jiminez. Footprints help them discover the magic and the curse of Wax Stan.

The Hand That Rocks Mabel–Tiger Fist TV with psychic Tent of Telepathy brings Mabel and Gideon together for just one date then tries to break things off. Gideon seeks revenge against Mabel and Dipper, but Mabel saves them by using Gideon’s mystic amulet against him.

The Inconveniencing–wanting to fit in with Robbie, Thompson, Tumby, Lee and Nat, the cool guys who graffitied the water tower, Dipper says he is a teen instead of admitting he is twelve. They find an old convenience store haunted by an old dead couple, Ma and Pa, and go inside. After eating discontinued candy and banned Smile Dip, they are threatened by a cooler monster, ghosts passing, and hot dogs. Ma and Pa are responsible and threaten everyone because they died when some teenage kids bothered them doing normal teenage things. Dipper remembers he isn’t a teen and gets an idea. His lamby dance saves the day.

Dipper vs. Manliness–Out for dinner at Greasy’s Diner, Dipper fails a manliness test and runs off. His beef jerky attacks a Manotaur Chutzpar who takes in to his cave. There other Manotaurs decide to use reverse psychology to train him to find Multi-Bear and bring back his head. Dipper manages this then grants the giant talking bear a last request to hear his favorites song. When Dipper discovers the song is his favorite as well he lets Multi-bear go then returns to the Manotaurs and stands up to them as his own man.

Disney Gravity Falls,Six Strange Tales (released 10/15/2013 with a $19.99 SMRP) is fast paced story-telling for tweens, mature older kids, even young teens. Its depiction of up and down sibling dynamics rings true to life. Observe carefully plot twists, unexplained connections, endings that hint more to come, and cryptogram cyphers in the credits. My bet is further episodes of Gravity Falls will build on Grunkle, Stan, and twin relationships.