Children’s Book Review: Meet the Dooples by Lynn Hunter

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Meet The Dooples children's book

Meet the Dooples

  • Author: Lynn Hunter, Ruth Beesley, Rosann Englebretson
  • Illustrator:  Mark Gandy
  • Reading level: Early Elementary/3-7
  • Hardcover: 30 pages with full color illustrations
  • Publisher: Educational Media Enterprises, Inc. (1981, 1997)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0-9656279-1-8
  • SRP: $15.99

Authoress Lynn Hunter, Ed. D. states, “One of the most important things that parents can do for children is read to them.”  I totally agree with this statement.  Reading is the foundation of life-long learning; it widens horizons to art, letters, numbers.

I just read  Hunter’s children’s book “Meet the Dooples”.   Its Mr.  Dooba Dee Doo wizard figure with his long white beard and anthromorphic Sketchy Pencil, Inky Pen, Markers, Rainbow Crayon, Marky Marker, Dusty Chalk, and  Racer and Chaser Eraser  are imaginative, whimsical, colorful characters boldly colored then named for what they do.  Magically they come to life but only at night  and learn not to be afraid, to explore, be creative, take risks and chances.

My youngest grand daughter began first grade this week.   Sometime soon hubby and I are flying out to celebrated her birthday–belated–with her.  We love doing things with her, simple things like going to the playground, feeding the birds, blowing bubbles, coloring and, of course, reading together.  Got our bags packed, ready to go.  All that is left to do is open the over-stuffed but not over-weight duffle packed especially for Princess and fit in  this book.  “Meet the Dooples”  motivates young learners to develop life skills and strategies by practicing new concepts with everyday tools.

To order this book, please go to  What child will not want to hear and read this story again and again?

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