Australian Gold Exotic Blend Sheer 30 Coverage Continuous Spray and Australian Gold Exotic Blend Sheer Coverage 45 Faces Review

Australian Gold 30 Continuous SprayAustralian Gold Exotic Blend Sheer Coverage 45 Faces

Even rough and rugged, leathery-skinned men need broad spectrum sunscreen protection to save off the sun’s harmful, hurtful UVB/UVA rays.

Australian Gold Exotic Blend Sheer Coverage does that quite nicely. Plus its water resistance protects him for eighty minutes. It won’t rinse off or perspire away. Men may not want to admit that things like sunburn, sun poisoning, skin cancer happen to them. I know better and that’s why I packed his one quart ziplock toiletry travel bag for him.

Too bad I could not include the Sheer Coverage 30 Continuous Spray that he likes best. His male logic says its oil-free formula and ease of applying everywhere are more manly than potions and lotions. The problem is that the FDA does not allow its six fluid ounces as a plane flight carry on. Three is their max so a substitution was necessary.

Hubby used oil-free hypoallergenic, antioxidant formula Sheer Coverage 45 Faces. Then hubby told me that his normally rough, dry skin felt moist and replenished but he would prefer it was unscented. That’s when I knew for sure how well the daily applications of Australian Gold had worked for manly man him. However, he wished the tube was unscented.

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