Up On The Rooftop…

rooftop garden

I love the City.  To me there is only one – New York, New York.  From my first visits there as a toddler to my last trip there just days ago, its hustle and bustle draws me in.  You see I am an observer.  I like to watch life.

Sitting at a table at The International Culinary Center, I could see how Manhattan has changed.  Former office buildings and factories have been converted into residences.  As I looked across the street, I realized what I thought a showroom was really a loft.  I wonder how people like living in a goldfish bowl….  With no yards whatsoever, back or front, elaborate lawn furniture and gardens fill many rooftops. What next, trampolines New York?


  1. Hello Pat! I’m taking my 25 year old daughter to NYC for the first time. Can you suggest any “must do/must see” activities you recommend in Manhattan. We are staying in Midtown Times Square area and prefer to walk everywhere. If you think the subway or taxis are better ways to get places, can you please give me suggestions regarding use of the subway system and how not to get ripped off by taxi drivers(happened to me on a business trip to NY, because they knew I wasn’t from there area they took longer routes to my locations)! Also, any advice on staying safe, etc. Any help would be much appreciated! You seem like such a professional traveler! Thank you!

    1. Using a scooter, I avoid stairs–hence subways. Get on the bus from time to time or walk. Manhattan is really doable 87 km = about 1 1/4 miles. Many fav Little Italy–smaller than years ago. Eastside shopping by bridge is 99% gone–Chinatown really spread throughout the area. You might enjoy the 911 monument and the Trade Center near the ferry. Love Macy’s esp Christmas windows but it is spring. Love St. Pat’s–reno about completed. Fifth Av. with Rockefeller Center, the Atlas statue, Tiffany’s and uptown windows like Berghdorf and Goodmans, Central Park. Also Chrysler and Empire State Buildings; UN. I enjoy Delmonico’s Deli on Lexington–not to be confused with there $$$ restaurant. The museums wow esp Metropolitan Art–only time I ever cut class in high school was to go into the city to visit.

      Buddy system; NO gypsy cabs or drivers hawking at attractions; google hotels for costs including hidden; street foot vendors–not all food is created equal or good so eyes, nose, and pricing need to be considered. Hope that helps. Have fun. Wish I were going there with you.

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