MyDaVinci Custom Artwork Review

Questions, questions, questions:
How many trains, NASCAR souvenirs, and Coca-Cola collectibles can you get someone before the whole idea gets tired?
How many sweaters, socks, and ties can you buy for a man that he really needs?
Do you want to get something different and memorable that reflects the best of times?

When I shop, I have a couple of rules:
#1 Do not duplicate the past.
#2 Practical is out; fun is in.
That translates to no clothes or work tools goes on my list.

Santa tends to spoil everyone in the family every Christmas. With big ticket items, gadgets, and electronics, I can honestly usually say, “Been there. Done that.”

Luckily I found what I hope they consider perfect things for my adult children Bunny, ET, LA, daughter-in-law Aurora; my grand kids Little Man, Pooh, #1 Granddaughter, Princess, AL; and Breezy. Ideas for son JP and son-in-law RB come less inspired. Finding anything for hubby Big T is next to impossible.

I am very proud of hubby and truly love him and I want to show this all the time. He deserves the best. The problem is he never tells me what he wants.

Problem solved. I did it. I did it. I found MyDaVinci. I am not hallucinating. I do not mean Renaissance artist genius Leonardo DaVinci. I know he is long gone. I mean art my way, that I can appreciate and afford.

When I saw my DaVinci’s broad selection and endless possibilities, I knew a personal picture of hubby memorializing his achievement For God and Country was the only way to go. He has done so much for others over the years volunteering.

Let me tell you about my customer experience creating from start to finish, ordering, and receiving myDaVinci. It was a good experience. Customer Service is fantastic, patient, and helpful in answering questions, making suggestions, and advising about any particular aspect as well as the whole process.

MyDavinci review

I began by searching literally thousands of pictures I had taken. Choosing the right one was the only difficult decision photograph nut me ever had to make. Ironically hours into the search, I looked at the portrait gallery in the hallway and it was there. How could I have missed it? I took the original wall reference photo, scanned it, then sent it electronically by computer in no time at all.

Time to decide exactly what I would order – traditional art pencil sketch, ink rendering, daVinvi sketch, watercolor, color pencil sketch in what size, mat, and frame choice. Let me tell you about my journey step by step. Follow along at

Choices, choices, choices for from photo to art, they abound. So the process begins on a Wednesday.

First Step: Traditional, Modern, or For Fun – well, remembering how shaky like a fiddler on a roof things would be without it, straight-laced me chooses Tradition.

Second Step: Pencil Sketch, Ink Rendering, DaVinci Sketch, Watercolor, Color Pencil, Oil Painting–I dabble a bit to see which I like best. My reference photo will transform well in each technique; however, my final choice of an artist created, 100% hand-made DaVinci Sketch comes right down to personal preference. To me, the effect of pencil and watercolors together was soft, subtle, and eye-pleasing.

Third Step: Size options of 8″ x 10″, 11″ x 14″, 16″ X 20″, 20″ X24″ coupled with matting or not since use of that added border will affect perspective. I want to matte (although not all portraits look best this way) with the caveat customer service will pick from small, large, or no matte, so I choose accordingly 11″ X 14″.

Fourth Step: Frame or not – I consider briefly and say, “Frame it, ” knowing well that rolled it will never hang. I weigh in my mind the look of Modern Black, Silver, Natural Wood, and Cocoa Wood Frames against home decor then go with cocoa brown.

I ask Customer Service to contact me immediately if it experiences any difficulty with my order OR if it envisions a better way. It assures me my satisfaction is guaranteed. It even reminds me that I can always access my order status at

On Monday, I receive an email. My daVinci artist has completed the Photo Transformation and I need to review my Hand Drawn DaVinci Sketch from Photos and reply with any feedback. I approve the artwork immediately. It surpassed expectations totally.

MyDavinci review

On Friday, Customer Services’ Arts Creation Department notifies me that they are processing and shipping the artwork with an expected delivery date of five to seven business days.

On Monday, Customer Services sends me information on its Portrait Preview link. I can personalize and print this feature on my home computer while awaiting my order’s delivery. (This feature in a tough time-frame would be a God-sent normally as I am typically a Last Minute Lizzie.)

The next Saturday, the delivery man delivers my truly special delivery. It is all I hoped for then more. Honestly, with absolutely no reservations whatsoever, I enjoyed my ordering experience and recommend the company. I hope to get another daVinci of the whole official family (now 13 but growing). The problem is every time that happens the number changes. Don’t know if one would call that good luck or bad karma that only time will prove.

Time to show and tell the world.

MyDavinci review

MyDaVinci is also on Facebook and Twitter.

The product(s) featured in this review was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product testing and review. This review has not been monetarily compensated and is based on the views and opinions of my family and/or self. Please note that the opinions reflected in this post have not been influenced by the sponsor in any way.

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