Ragu Old World Style Traditional Sauce Updated To Include Two Vegetable Servings Per Cup

Ragu Old World Style Jar

Between 24/7 responsibilities like home, house, and family, and workplace jobs, most moms (dads too) need more time.  Too often mealtime takes the hit.  Nutritious, home-cooked meals are out as more and more people opt for take in.  And it costs our health and the wallet inside our pocketbooks.  Solution:  easy at home dining using tried and true staples like Ragu.  It’s really for a lot more than just spaghetti.

Ragu Old World Style Traditional Sauce has been improved. It’s ingredients now include two veggie servings in one half cup.  Its updated recipe is thick, healthy and delicious.  You can learn more about it, get recipes and enter a sweepstakes on the Ragu Facebook page.

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  1. My wife has used the Ragu traditional spaghetti sauce for many years and everyone loved to come to dinner when they knew her sauce was being served. Not anymore! The new improved is nowhere as tasty as the old one….something seems to be missing and it tastes very bland. Our son-in-law says the same thing so needless to say…Ragu has lost two long time customers. The women are on a mission to find a new sauce.

    1. Tastes change with time, nutritional, and health needs. Perhaps she could add a pinch of seasonings like grated cheese, garlic, oregano, pepper, etc. to better suit the family.

  2. Ragu is first pasta sauce I can remember eating on spaghetti, its nice to know that the sauce has more than a full serving of veggies in every half cup. That is important for us busy moms!

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