DisneyNature: Oceans Blu-ray Review

DisneyNature Oceans Cover

I have always loved the water.   I love to be on it in any kind of water, calm or rough.  I love to look at it. It has always been my dream to live by it, but until that happens, I’ll have to settle for watching it up close and personal–just in pictures.  If you have ever tried to answer the question, “What is the ocean?” you know it is something you must experience.  Its diversity, its depth, its distance are mysterious, beautiful, powerful, and so much more.

DisneyNature is releasing its film Oceans to Blu-ray and DVD October 19, 2010.  It shows the ocean as world of its own, its beauty, its power.  Travel around earth’s four oceans impossible for now?  Then take this virtual trip from the North Pole ice floes to the Great Coral Barrier reef, from Alaska to the Antarctic, from Monterrey Bay to Melbourne Bay, from Costa Rica to the China Sea, from South America to Africa, from the Galapagos to the Mediterranean.

Oceans shows the marvels of  life in the world below.  Think of this movie as vignettes and snaps of life and the power of the sea, an expedition and an adventure without any single focus or story.  Just go with it and Pierce Brosnan’s narration. Watch carefully as there is so much to see in the struggle for survival.   The fish, birds, and mammals move fast, and size varies from mammouth to microscopic. Enjoy seeing real bounty in real surroundings–far better than any visit to any aquarium.

Marvel at marine iguana, horseshoe crab, sea urchin larvae, crustacean egg, dolphin, seagulls, whales, sardine, mobula ray, blanket octopus, sea lion, humpback whale, porcupine puffer fish, crane, Sally Lightfoot crab, great white shark, blue whale, krill, moray eel, hermit crab, mantis shrimp, Spanish dancer sea slug, dugon, green turtle, sea turtles, frigate bird, sail fish, sea anemone, clownfish, stonefish, lionfish, damselfish, sweetlips, ribbon eel, cuttlefish, garden eel, razor fish, spider crab, ocean sunfish, horse mackerel, sperm whale, shark, white shark, yellowfin tuna, Asian sheepshead wrasse, winged leafy sea dragon, otter, orca, bluefin tuna, leopard seal, penguin, polar bear, narwhal, beluga whale, walrus and more, more, more…ALL adapting and evolving through time.

Watch the ocean’s bounty play, hunt, battle, hide.  This is no fairytale fantasy.   After night’s safety daytime brings danger and death. Predators can kill the young and the old.   I am glad that I had the opportunity to watch DisneyNature:  Oceans.  Its impressive footage, beautiful material, and no real scripting  follow the traditional of Walt Disney as set forth in his True Life Adventure series.

Its BD exclusives, Living Menus (an interactive experience) and filmmaker annotations bring the audience in up front, close, and personal.   “Make a Wave” sung by Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas asks us to do our part.  Caring for the World We Share brings it home: conservation affects everyone.  “Deeper in the Ocean” with its select videos and filmmaker remarks sums things up.  The oceans are a vital part of our fragile planet.  It is only good sense that we keep them healthy and ecologically viable.

Here’s the trailer.

Look for DisneyNature:  Oceans in stores and online.  Its running time is 84 minutes. Its SMRP is $39.99.

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