The Negotiator Blu-ray Review

the negotiator bluray cover

The Negotiator
Rated R
Run time 143 minutes

Own it on Blu-ray on November 10, 2009
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Lt. Danny Roman (Samuel L. Jackson) frees hostages for a living. Now he’s taking hostages to survive.

His partner Nate Roenick passes on an unnamed informant’s tip that cops have been embezzling from in the police disabililty fund. Then Nate is murdered and money and a gun implicate Roman. IA Inspector Niebaum is given the case. Roman is suspended and cries, “Setup”. That is when he takes action and hostages including Niebaum, his secreatary, and a police informant.

The police try to counter Roman, but this is a negotiator who knows explosives, marksmanship, tactics, and plays by the numbers. He cuts himself and his hostages off making it almost impossible to take him out. He knows the force is trying to take him out but will not endanger hostage lives. He knows the rules of engagement which he uses to every advantage.

Roman asks command to send in Sabian (Kevin Spacey), an out of precent top negotiator. He knows that Sabian will try to get all the facts. Most negotiators try to talk perp down rather than go in. When some members of Roman’s old squad start shooting, Sabian realizes more is going on. Now two men are both working to uncover the truth and find evidence in the computer.

I won’t tell who the killers are or their accomplices; however, I can honestly say that I am glad I got to preview The negotiator DVD prior to its November 10, 2009 release date. The Negotiator is a cat-and-mouse game of tricks, twists, and turns.

Here’s a clip from the movie called Cop Vs. Cop.


  1. Just by that small clip I can tell that this is going to be a movie that my husband will actually sit down and watch with me. He is into the cop twist and mystery type movies. It will definitely be worth checking out when I get my new Blu Ray player. Thanks for the review.

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