nuNAAT Chocolat Special Review

nunaat chocolat special line

The day before Halloween, I went to one of the local beauty parlors near Orlando to have my hair cut and dyed. It was a true horror show. My normally light brown hair with auburn highlights had been turned to raven by a beautician who tried to convince me it was lovely and what I wanted. NOT! Unable to do anything about the bad color job for a while, I returned back to our vacation club and the taunts and teasing of my family.

Now weeks later it is still too dark for my fair skin and brown eyes. But, I have found something to soften its texture and soften it a little. It’s nuNAAT Chocolat Special Creamy Chocolat Shampoo and Chocolat Shake Conditioner. Their chocolaty smells increase theta brain waves to relax the wearer. I really need to relax a bit. I have lost a lot of weight and want to keep it that way. I often turn to chocolate when stressed and this particular chocolate is not fattening.

NuNAAT Chocolat Special Chocolat Creamy Shampoo and Shake Chocolat Conditioner are part of an intensive treatment line for chemically treated hair. Its ingredients (cocoa butter, Brazil nut oils, and natural active agents) help clean hair and condition it while regenerating and revitalizing it. It worked for me. Using nuNAAT for only a few weeks seems to have brought back some of the shine, silkiness, malleability, and softness it had before my bad hair job.

I love the shampoo and conditioner. The 8.4 and 8.6 bottles respectively list for $6.49 each. NuNAAT ‘s Ultimate Indulgence line also includes Chocolat Cream Mask and Chocolat Anti-Frizz Therma Active.

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