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Between today’s depressed economy and our own household expenditures, we watch every penny we spend. We may have a full cupboard and a full refrigerator, but our food purchases are affordable ones especially our snack choices. We always have some popcorn in the house.

I’ve been eating popcorn since I was a little girl. Over the years I have made it in a covered pot on the kitchen stove, in a popcorn machine, in an air popper, and in a microwave. But no matter how I’ve made it, it always tastes best when I am eating it in a movie theater. I think it is the buttery topping the counter person pours on that makes it that way.

At home I have melted butter and poured it over. Disappointment– not the same. At home I have melted different margarines. Again disappointment–not as good. I recently received  some samples of Kernel Season’s products. When I got Kernel Season’s Premium Raw Kernel Popcorn, my every expectation was negative.  I asked hubby to lend a helping hand.

Hubby got my stock pot (it has a glass cover) and followed the directions explicitly. He added in two tablespoons of kernels. Within minutes, five cups of fluffy white pop were ready with only ten kernels not popping. I took some for myself while hubby poured on Kernel Season’s Popping and Topping Oil and try for the movie taste. He succeeded.

Independent taste tests by both him and me unanimously found that the popcorn actually tasted fresh. It seemed pure, tender, definitely not salty, larger pieces too. It was a better value as there was more for the money. Then we disagreed. He felt there was a lot of work in the preparation. Who is he kidding? I was left with kitchen cleanup. Years ago I banished my air popper when popping bags arrived on the market. I’ll just get it out again–one problem solved.

I myself like flavored popcorn. When I go into the supermarket looking for a topping, selection is limited to none. Seeing a full list of seasonings that appeals to every taste–sweet, salty, cheesy, spicy, and not to forget buttery, I knew Kernel Season’s fourteen flavors of popcorn seasonings had me made.

Now the problem with air popcorn is that it has no adhesiveness when flavorings are applied. So all the butter, nacho cheese, white cheddar, ranch, or kettle corn taste never makes it to the tongue. Kernel Season put just put a new product called Popcorn Spritzer on the market. I didn’t want hubby complaining about being over-worked, so I gave my popcorn a spray or two. The topping really did adhere. Another problem solved.

I ate one cup of popcorn with him feeling no guilt (I am on a diet). I kept its being healthy a secret as he finished the remaining four cups. Popcorn is a good food choice. It is a whole grain, complex carbohydrate, low in calories with only 24 calories per cup nude.

Wouldn’t you know it? The following evening hubby was hungry and out in the kitchen foraging again. He was having another MUNCHIE attack. I still hadn’t done my weekly shopping, so we were low on the goodies. I also realized hubby was not in a do-it-yourself mood and wanted me to serve him quick and fast dreamer that he is. Quick fix idea! “Honey, here’s a bag of Kernel Season’s Microwave Popcorn. Try this.”


Quicker than I could change the channel with the remote to something I wanted to watch, the bag was made, in his hand, in his mouth, then empty.

“Well, what do you think?”

Now hubby knows what is expected when he is sampling. His answers help me decide if the items in my shopping cart are keepers or not.

“Salty, not overly oily, bigger kernels, fuller bag than the brand we used before. Smells fresh. Lot of unpopped corn at the bottom though.”

“But, Honey, how does it taste?”

I heard him mumble, “Good,” as he exited the door to return to the kitchen to make another bag. I found three pieces of popcorn in the bag he left behind. I grabbed them and popped them one at a time into my mouth. I ditto his every comment.

More than 18,000 grocery stores across America including Walmart, Target, K-Mart, and Blockbuster carry Kernel Season’s products. They are also available on line at Most items list at $3.99 each although some may be on special.


TWO winners will each receive a Kernel Seasons gift pack.


To enter visit the Kernel Season’s website and then come back here and leave me a comment telling me which flavor seasoning you’d most like to try.


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