Jolly Llama Fruit Sorbet Review

jolly llama fruit sorbet

I have been calorie counting for almost a year now and sometimes I just want something sinfully good tasting. Unfortunately, that often means lots of, lots of calories until now. I just tried something new – Jolly Llama Fruit Sorbets. It is a premium frozen novelty in a squeeze up tube that comes in four flavors (blueberry, acai, strawberry, and mango.

Jolly Llama Fruit Sorbet is all natural, low in fat, high in fiber and vitamins A and C, and averages 75 calories per serving. It contains no glutens or allergens. It is made with whole fruit and sweetened with natural pure sugar cane. It has the fiber and nutrients that nature intended, nothing artificial.

I was away when my package was sent to me. When my son got home, he brought the package in and called me. Jolly Llama was shipped in a styrofoam box over dry ice. The sorbet was solid. (I wish he had taken pictures.) The only problem was that several were missing. He ATE several. Well, I guess that proves how good they really are. I love them too. My favorite is mango.

Go to to find a retailer near you. It retails for $1.49 for a 3 ounce single serving. Just released in July, it may not have reached local grocery retailers yet. If you can’t find it in your stores, it may not have reached your local grocery retailer yet, but do not despair. They have planned to reach 2,000 stores by 2010. You can also order online. Shipping is within the continental USA. Price for a 24 tube case is $36 plus $12.50 shipping/handling.

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